Minor Liability Waiver

Please read this instruction in its entirety before reading and signing the Alaska Rock Gym minor liability waiver. Waivers improperly or incompletely executed are not accepted, and your child will not be permitted to climb!

You are signing, as a parent or court-appointed legal guardian, a waiver indemnifying the Alaska Rock Gym on behalf of your child. Read the waiver completely, both the first and second pages. DISCUSS with your child the significance of this waiver, the RISKS associated with climbing, and the personal responsibility expected of him or her while climbing in the gym.

Now take a look at the signature blocks on the second page. There are two distinct signature blocks, to be filled out as follows:

a) Participant Signature Block – This is for your CHILD! If your child is eight years or older, he signs his name cursively in the blank next to “Participant Signature.” The adult may fill in the remainder of this block. The child’s printed name should be COMPLETE & LEGIBLE. Fill in address and telephone number. Don’t forget the current DATE.

b) Parent’s or Guardian Signature – This block is where the adult acknowledges his or her LEGAL authority to sign the waiver on behalf of the child named above. This is also where the adult actually indemnifies and holds harmless the Alaska Rock Gym. If both parents or guardians are present, both should sign in the signature blocks. Printed names should be legible and COMPLETE. If address information is the same as above, you may write “SAME.” Don’t forget the current DATE.

Thank you for attention to these details!

Click Here to Download the ARG Minor Liability Waiver

Note: Waiver form is in Adobe PDF format, click here to download Adobe Reader